Afraid of needles steroids

and that’s how pepper comes home from her business trip to see tony sitting in his lab dismantling dum-e, a spider-man bandage on his thigh (courtesy of peter, he made them himself), while peter is sitting in the corner saying “i like to give myself my testosterone shot in the ass, there’s way more fat in the ass and it doesn’t hurt as much so it isn’t a huge pain in the ass – heh, see what i did there. ANYWAY, i’m able to give myself the shot in the ass bc i’m really flexible from the spider bite, it’s really neat and it hurts a lot less in the ass, so yeah just ask them to give you the shot in the –”

The fear of needles is a common type of fear among people from all walks of life. In some cases, you can actually be up close and personal with a needle when you go through medical procedures that will need to inject or extract from you. Although the prick of a needle is generally tolerable in terms of physical pain, the idea of a small and pointed object impaling the skin is what mostly causes the fear. In other cases, children are given the wrong idea of what a needle is and does, which makes the fear more psychological than physical.

Afraid of needles steroids

afraid of needles steroids


afraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroidsafraid of needles steroids