Aromatic steroid structure

Quiz: List three functional groups in progesterone?   Answer carbon # 3 = ketone C # 4 and 5 = alkene C # 17 branch = ketone What is difference between progesterone and testosterone?   Answer Testosterone has alcohol on C # 17 vs. ketone branch in progesterone.  What is difference between testosterone and estrogen?   Answer Estrogen has alcohol on C # 3. Also first ring is aromatic with 3 double bonds. Finally methyl group is missing on C # 10.
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Adrenocorticoid Hormones:

Protection against one particular research toxin (7,12-DMBA) has been noted with acute usage of 9mmol/kg calcium-D-glucarate ( 3 hours prior to and another dose 30 minutes prior to DMBA injections) which reduced tumor occurrence from 100% to 30% [7] and studies with more chronic loading have noted benefit with dietary supplementation of 75mmol/kg (of the diet, /kg bodyweight and 213mg/kg human equivalent). [1] [7] This protective effect extends beyond breast cancer and is able to attenuate skin cancer with either calcium-D-glucarate itself [22] or the main bioactive metabolite [23] (skin cancer is known to be able to be induced by DMBA [24] ) and may also extend to DMBA induced oral cancers. [25]

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Aromatic steroid structure

aromatic steroid structure


aromatic steroid structurearomatic steroid structurearomatic steroid structurearomatic steroid structurearomatic steroid structure