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11-15-17/13D: Group Ronin Trading/SWInvest (John Stafford III+Roger Farley+Stephen White) now owns % stake ( 4,325,889sh. ) in PPHM
FULL HISTORY of PPHM-Ronin PR’s, Letters, 13-D’s, Form4’s, Proxy’s, etc: http:///y7ml8v86
...4,173,391 COMMON - % of 45,096,081 common O/S at 9-6-17 (total beneficial=4,325,889 if Pref. conv. to Common)
...128,099 PREFERRED – % of 1,647,760 preferred O/S at 7-31-17
......As a Group, ie, “people that share the furtherance of a common objective/concerted action”; 13D’s are reserved for ACTIVE INVESTORS who may be “interested in agitating for some kind of a change at the company”.
...10-30-17: RONIN/SW-Invest issues 30-pg. PDF Presentation, “Shareholders Seeking Change” http:///yc88aonq
...10-10-17: RONIN/SW-Invest PR adding 4th BOD Nominee (James Egan) and ups stakes %=>% http:///ya8fgsr7
...8-29-17: RONIN/SW-Invest PRELIM. Proxy Statement (14A) http:///yay55u3p - includes 35-pt. chronology of events (1-17-17 thru 8-14-17) & all Ronin/SW PPHM stock trans.
...8-14-17: Ronin/SW-Invest PR commenting on PPHM's 8-11-17 PR (laying off 20% employees) http:///y7hjryog
...7-20-17: Ronin/SW-Invest Letter to Employees of Peregrine; PPHM Comments http:///yb6ds27s
...7-13-17: Ronin/SW-Invest Letter to Stockholders; PPHM Comments http:///ybr8ycbp - Ronin nominates Gregory Sargen, Brian Scanlan, Saiid Zarrabian for election to PPHM's board at next ASM ~10-12-17.

The first step in starting your investment in mutual fund is KYC compliance. KYC verification enables anybody to open new accounts with all SEBI-registered intermediaries such as mutual funds, stock brokers, portfolio managers, depository participants, venture capital funds and Collective Investment Schemes eliminating the need to repeat standard KYC. The normal KYC process requires submission of KYC form along with investor signature and additional documents for ID and address proof. In-person verification (IPV) and sighting the original documents needs to be completed by a competent person. eKYC completely eliminates paperwork and IPV to complete the KYC process.

According to the researchers, small VAWTs possess the ability to effectively operate in the presence of high turbulent flow, which makes them ideal energy harvesting devices in urban and suburban environments. In an article in this week's Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy , from AIP Publishing, the authors present results indicating that an optimally designed VAWT system can financially compete with fossil-fuel based power plants in urban and suburban areas, and even spearhead the development of a net-zero energy building or city.

Axis pharmaceuticals steroids

axis pharmaceuticals steroids


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