Big toe arthritis steroid injection

  • Arthroscopic surgery—This surgery can help in early stages of arthritis. It is similar to arthroscopic surgery done on the knee joint. Arthroscopic surgery can help to remove damaged or loose tissues or spurs that are present in the joint.
  • Ankle fusion surgery—This surgery, called arthrodesis, involves fusing bones together with the use of rods, pins, screws, or plates. After healing, the bones remain fused together.
  • Ankle joint replacement surgery—This surgery involves replacing the ankle joint with artificial implants and is rarely used.

    Ankle fusion involves preparing both sides of the joint back to healthy and bleeding bone. The arthritic joint lining is removed and the ankle joint is placed in a functional position and held there until the bone has grown across the joint and the ankle is thus fused. The ankle is held in position whilst the fusion is occurring and this is most commonly done with large screws which are buried beneath the skin. Occasionally a large metal rod may need to be inserted through the heel to compress the ankle and sub-talar joints (known as a double fusion). In cases where infection is present a device known as an Ilizarov frame may be used to compress the ankle joint and hold it in position until fusion has occurred. On average it takes three months for bone to be fairly soundly fused but on occasion it can take significantly longer.

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    Big toe arthritis steroid injection

    big toe arthritis steroid injection


    big toe arthritis steroid injectionbig toe arthritis steroid injectionbig toe arthritis steroid injectionbig toe arthritis steroid injectionbig toe arthritis steroid injection