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GD 6SN7GT This tube is an octal-based medium mu twin triode with separate indirectly heated cathodes. It was originally designed in the 1930s as an audio frequency voltage amplifier. It is a pre-cursor to the B9A ECC series. It was widely used for input amplification and driver stages in older audio amplifiers; some designers still prefer these tubes for the same application in todays designs. The Golden Dragon 6SN7GT is an excellent example manufactured in China to strict UK specification and should not be confused with the inferior examples of the same tube types which are available at a lower price elsewhere but which are not considered of sufficient quality to be included in the Golden Dragon range.

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Named after former company employee, Cyril Holland, Cyril is owned by the Murthwaite Locomotive Group, formerly named "Shabtrak", and is one of many industrial narrow gauge diesels built by . Listers. It was built in 1932, used on a Peat Bog railway not far from Manchester and first preserved at the Moseley Railway Trust, in Stockport, in its original form of an open sided cab and on 2' gauge. When the engine arrived on the Ratty in 1985, the volunteers of "Shabtrak" used parts from another Lister locomotive and a 2-cylinder, 12 horsepower Lister engine to rebuild it to 15" gauge, and fitted a new cab and bonnet, in the style of a Lister Blackstone RM2. The engine now has full electrics, radio and air brake systems for working light passenger trains in emergencies, and in 1989 was re-engined with a 20 . Lister engine to improve performance. It was rebodied in 2006 by Ian Page Engineering of Millom. It is currently painted dark green.

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