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Sale is more dominant this year than he’s ever been. After his strikeout rate dipped to per nine innings last year, he has raised that mark to a career high per nine. As always seems to be the case, this puts him very close to entering a realm of pitching dominance only occupied by Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez: Those are the only two pitchers to have pitched at least 150 innings in a season and struck out 13 batters per nine. (Martinez struck out per nine in 1999, and Johnson sat down per nine in 2001.) Sale has spent much of his career nearing milestones set by Martinez and Johnson—he took yet another run at Martinez’s nine-game streak with 10 or more strikeouts this year, and once again came up just one game short of tying it —and even if he doesn’t crack the 13 K/9 mark this year, would you bet against him getting there in the future?

With the big day finally behind them, the pair are headed for a 10-day honeymoon to Dubai (“We wanted something exotic, romantic and interesting culturally,” says Star). Then what? “We are going day by day, just loving each other,” she says. “Our plan is to start to take back a bit of our privacy.” And perhaps to exchange the grand Cinderella style for something a little more practical. “The wedding was for the 8-year-old in me,” says Star, “but the marriage is for the woman I have become.”

Chris jones steroids

chris jones steroids


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