Decanofort steroid

Those facts show that during the steroids cycle it is necessary the use of the model which includes the slowly augmentation of the dosage, but more effective is the steroids types change with a period of time of maxim 8 weeks. The researches indicates the same thing: the unwelcome effects, the force and musculature loss which happens after stopping the steroids therapy can be reduced to minimal if it is used the right cycle. A “right cycle” means the slowly decrease of the dosage which is used at the end of the process. This decrease it is made to bring the organism at the normal state of the specific testosterone secretion.

Nandrolone Decanoate

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Therapeutic applications:

Exhaustive disease with negative nitrogen balance, osteoporosis, including that which occurs during long-term corticosteroid therapy, convalescence after severe infections, surgery or burns, metastatic breast cancer, treatment with chemotherapeutic agents and radiotherapy, etc.


This product, which appeared on the market early 60th years, was one of the most popular means of doping at a time when there is no risk of doping controls. Currently, because of the long time it screened only those abusing drugs consumers that such risk is an issue. In various articles and papers published abroad is emphasized by his unique ability to increase muscle and strength gains if sufficient protein intake, as well as the ability to suppress pain in the joints (shoulders, knees, elbows) due to high water retention in these problematic areas.

Side effects:

In addition to standard negative resulting from its abuse, is also mentioned poor blood clotting, manifested as frequent nosebleeds. Noteworthy is also indicated by very low hepatotoxicity.

Abused benefits:

It is argued that the best results are achieved at a weekly dose of 2-4 mg per kilogram of weight, means, and lower doses rarely leads to satisfactory results. Interesting is also that higher doses or conversely produce results that can be achieved by the above-mentioned 4 mg per kilogram for one week. It is often possible to meet with the claim that nandrolone decanoate is being abused with other anabolic-androgenic steroids, such as methandienone, testosterone mix of resources, which supposedly creates an ideal combination for massive muscle gain. In preparation for the competition are often abused in combination with any means of stanozolol, trenbolone and oxandrolone.

The age-old anabolic zneužívačov, or for those who already have liver problems or want to reduce the risk from illicit application of anabolic-androgenic steroids is interesting data and its combination with testosterone undecanoate.


injectable ampoules containing 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg in 1 ml.

Deca steroids are one of the most popularly used anabolic steroids of all time and have been so for generations. In most cases deca steroids refer to the drug Deca-Durabolin, formally known as Nandrolone Decanoate. While this high class of anabolic steroid is often simply called “Deca” this label isn’t entirely accurate due to “Deca” or Decanoate being an attached ester, not the actual drug. There is actually a few deca steroids available; there are even drugs of a non-anabolic steroidal nature that use this ester; several of them but it is without question Nandrolone Decanoate that carries with it the most popularity among all the deca steroids.

Decanofort steroid

decanofort steroid


decanofort steroid