Do urine tests detect steroids

Over the past few years, a number of new tests have been devised to aid the diagnosis of bladder cancer. These tests include the bladder-tumor-associated antigen test (BTATM), the BTA stat test, the BTA TRAK® test, the fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products test (FDPTM), and the NMP22TM assay. All of these tests can be performed on urine samples. The BTA® test was designed to detect proteins that are released by reproduction of bladder tumor cells, and its interpretation does not require a technician or specialist. The BTA® test significantly identifies superficial (surface) bladder tumors by changing color. The top of the BTA® test strip turns yellow when positive for bladder cancer, and it turns green when negative. The BTA stat test is an immunologic assay that can be used to identify recurrent bladder cancer. The FDP® test detects the breakdown products of blood-clotting proteins (fibrin, fibrinogen), which are increased in the urine in the presence of bladder cancer. The NMP22TM assay measures specific proteins from the nuclear matrix (cell center). It can detect transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) with a sensitivity of roughly 67%, meaning that 67% of existing TCCs are detected. But, perhaps more importantly, the NMP22TM assay it is able to predict the recurrence of bladder cancer For more information go to http:///bladdercancer/.

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Do urine tests detect steroids

do urine tests detect steroids


do urine tests detect steroidsdo urine tests detect steroidsdo urine tests detect steroidsdo urine tests detect steroidsdo urine tests detect steroids