Dog throwing up after steroid shot

Owners of dogs affected by vestibular disease of course are very alarmed when their dog starts exhibiting these scary symptoms. More often than not, they will rush their dog to the emergency room thinking their dog just had a stroke and imagining him paralyze for the rest of his life.
Fortunately, often the causes of vestibular disease are not so grim most of the time. In most cases, vestibular disease is due to some problem located in the inner ear (peripheral vestibular disease). However, it is best to have the dog checked out by a veterinarian to rule out problems located in the brain (central vestibular disease).

Where it is not certain what the cause of the vomiting is, it is best to visit a professional. Puppies are especially most vulnerable and their health can deteriorate very fast. They should therefore be keenly observed. Visit a veterinarian when the dog keeps vomiting constantly, the vomit is blood tinged, when the dog appears lethargic, where the dog acts as if it wants to vomit but nothing is expelled, keeps panting and does not eat for long durations. This is because the vomiting could be a sign of more serious conditions such as pancreatic disease, kidney problems, liver conditions or infections in the gastro intestinal system

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Dog throwing up after steroid shot

dog throwing up after steroid shot


dog throwing up after steroid shotdog throwing up after steroid shotdog throwing up after steroid shotdog throwing up after steroid shotdog throwing up after steroid shot