Flash godox winstrol

Thanks everyone! I assumed it was probably just simplified firing, but we know about assuming. I just didn't see a sync port anywhere on the unit. Since I'd primarily be wanting to use these for international travel and I'm not leaving for Africa until almost July, that May window for Fuji compatibility sounds great. I may be looking to pick one of these up to see how it handles in the interim. If I knew for certain I would not need the very capable LED on the DigiBee for short video use, this would be a no-brainer. Thanks again, cheers

Features: WITSTRO AD360 Flash system is an AD360 flash with a bare tube,external power pack,wireless manual power control,and a range of dedicated light shaping is 5 to 7 times powerful as typical hotshoe flashes with the size and weight offers studio quality light for outdoor and live shooting. The powerful and portable AD360 meets the demands of freelance commercial photographers,photojournlists,wedding and beach portraiture shooters,event and backpack photographers,photograph enthusiasts, is compatible whth market available cameras from Cannon,Nikon,Pentax,and Olympus,etc and fits for almost any flash trigger. Specifications: AD360 Max. Power: 360W/S Guide No. (m ISO 100) 80 (with standard reflector) Approx. 28mm flash coverage Vertical Rotatio Angle: -15¡ã - 90¡ã Horizontal Roatation Angle: 0 - 270¡ã Power Supply: GODOX power pack (PB960, PB820) Flash Times: 450 (with PB960 power pack) Recycle Time: Approx. - (with PB960 power pack) Color Temperature: 5600k +/- 200k Flash Duration: 1/300s - 1/10000s Dimensions: 75 x 95 x 220mm (flash tube & reflector not included) Weight: 780g (flash tube & reflector not included) PB960 power pack Battery Pack: Lithium battery - /4500mA Battery Charging Time: Approx. 3 hrs Dimensions: 159 x 134 x 49mm Weight: 540g What you will get: 1 x Godox AD-360 Flash Light 1 x Flash tube 1 x Protecting bag 1 x Mini stand 1 x Reflector 1 x Power cable 2 x Reflector diffuser 1 x PB960 Power pack black orange 1 x AC Charger 1 x Shoulder Strap 1x Manual

Features -Studio Quality Lighting AD360-360WS and GN80 (m ISO 100 with standard reflector). Bare bulb – providing even and sufficient illumination.  Better quality of light provided by flash tube and parabolic reflector. -Multiple Functions S1/S2 slave triggering Multi flash hi-speed sync (up to 1/8000s). Multiple camera-flash sync ways: hotshoe & PC sync socket S1/S2 slave triggering wireless control port. Color temperature ranges within 5600±200K. Flash control: adjusting from full power from 1/128 to 1/1 in 1/3 stop increments 22 levels of the fine turning. Over Temperature Protection: To avoid overheating and deterioration the flash head do not fire more than 75 continuous flashes in fast succession at 1/1 full power. If you fire more than 75 continuous flashes and then fire more flashes in short intervals the inner over-temperature protection function may be activated and make the recycling time about 10-15 seconds. If this occurs allow rest time of about 10 minutes and the flash unit will then return to normal. -Wireless Remote Power Control Optional FT-16(SKU: D1299) can wirelessly adjust WITSTRO flash power levels control focus assist beam and sound beep and wirelessly trigger flash. -Professional Power Pack Use lithium battery pack (/4500mAh). Dual outputs for powering two separate flashes without reducing recycle time. Optimized MCU circuit design more efficient energy conversion and more flashes. Power Pack offers AD360 separately 450 times full power flashes. AD360 recycles time in - seconds with power pack.   Specifications: Model AD360 flash Max. power 360Ws Guide No. (m ISO 100) 80 (m ISO 100 with standard reflector) flash coverage operating on a camera with standard reflector Vertical Rotation Angle -15° to 90° Horizontal Rotation Angle 0° to 270° Power supply GODOX PB960 lithium power pack Full Power Flashes 450(with PB960 power pack) Recycle Time Approx. - (with PB960 power pack) Color Temperature 5600±200K Item size 220 * 95 * 75mm / * * (with out flash tube and reflector) Item weight 811g / Battery mode PB960 power pack (orange) Capacity /4500mAH Battery charging time Approx. 3 hours Charger plug US Plug  Item size Approx. 16 * * / * * Item weight 560g / Package

Flash godox winstrol

flash godox winstrol