German cyclist legs steroids

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for this comparison. When it comes to purchasing a gift for our babies, nothing says I love you like a new groupo. As we spend more time on the bike and rack up the miles, it makes sense to upgrade assuming your bike fit is dialed in.
In my experience, the upgrade from 105 to ultegra was significant. If you are just getting started, it will not make a difference. As we begin to understand what we like and what we don’t like, after that 10,000 shift, we begin to appreciate ulegra and it’s smoothness.
Does the weight make a difference? Absolutely not. Let’s all make a commitment to lose a pound or two around our bellies. There is your performance increase right there!
And the price. Well, let’s face it. As much as we may protest, we enjoy purchasing gifts for our bikes.
I agree, when you are ready, or when your bike is ready, make the leap to ultegra.
Thanks Andrew.

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German cyclist legs steroids

german cyclist legs steroids


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