Gonadal steroids bone

Hi Mary Ann, I am glad to see you on the site. I too have the same disorder as you can read from my posts. I would love to talk to you and others as well. I am 44 and had only 1 surgery on my left wrist. I actually am going in tomorrow to see another bone doctor in Pittsburgh. I am having alot of pain in my right wrist now and both elbows real bad. Mainly the right. They are having me see a specialty pediactric bone surgeon of all Dr's. I hope all goes well with my visit. I know I have to have surgery on my elbow already to fix the nerve for tennis elbow, but because of my wrists and arms they don't want just any ortho doctor doing the surgery. Hope to talk to you soon. My e-mail address is proud_mom3[at]yahoo[dot]com

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Gonadal steroids bone

gonadal steroids bone


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