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The first version of FruityLoops () was developed by Didier Dambrin for Image-Line and was partially released in December 1997. Its official launch was in early 1998, when it was still a four-channel [15] MIDI drum machine . [16] Dambrin became Chief Software Architect for the program, [17] [18] and it quickly underwent a series of large upgrades that made it into a popular and complex digital audio workstation . FL Studio has undergone twelve major updates since its inception. [19] As of June 2015, a macOS-compatible version of FL Studio was released in its alpha stage. It is currently only available to registered FL Studio users. [20]

Tevlo is more then just your typical producer, he's a caffeine addicted, Keytar loving, EDM producer that can sing some sweet vocals to go with it.

Receiving a copy of FL Studio 5 at the age of 11, he imediatly grew a beard, gave up sleep and began his journey to master every electronic genre he could find.

Now at the age of 21, he is on his way up working with big names such as Veela & the creators of FL Studio 'Image-Line'.
As well as releasing a number of originals and remixes, and featuring on some memorable tracks such as Towards the sun by Hyraxe.

DirectWave: freezes when loading certain .NKI libraries
DirectWave: Alt+F doesn’t work in sample editor
DirectWave: delay labels are incorrect
DirectWave: resizing and moving multiple selected zones doesn’t work
DirectWave: incorrect filename when saving a program
DirectWave: copy and paste of numbers in the zone editor doesn’t work
DirectWave: can’t choose bit depth for samples created when saving a program
DirectWave: shows “missing sample” prompt when loading a zipped loop file
Directwave: ‘Browse For Folder’ window focuses Windows Explorer when closed
DirectWave: list index out of bounds error when clicking the zone list when there are no zones
HTML Notebook: improved storing filenames and URLs
FPC: note names in piano roll are not updated when changed in plugin
FPC: no samples created on SFZ export
Harmor: state of the “Smooth mod” control is not remembered correctly
Harmor: missing inverted lowcut faders for delay and reverb
Harmor: right-click on “Pitch articulator amount” changes the value instead of showing a popup menu
Newtone: Play button has incorrect image after Stop is clicked
Patcher: zeroing buffers takes too much cpu
Patcher: parameter connection animations no longer work
Patcher: multiple entries for FL plugins shown in “add plugin” menus
Sytrus: F3 doesn’t show channel settings menu when the MAIN tab is selected
Transistor Bass: doesn’t respond to notes with colors other than the first one
Wrapper: performance issues with VST3 plugins when automating parameters
Wrapper: Scratch Track plugin has fixed size buffers on by default
ZGE Visualizer: default file extension is not added to filename when no extension is present

Harmor synthesis on steroids

harmor synthesis on steroids


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