Layman's guide to steroids

Algobeans is the brainchild of two data science enthusiasts, Annalyn (University of Cambridge) and Kenneth (Stanford University). We noticed that while data science is increasingly used to improve workplace decisions, many people know little about the field. Hence, we created Algobeans so that everyone and anyone can learn - be it an aspiring student or enterprising business professional. Each tutorial covers the important functions and assumptions of a data science technique, without any math or jargon. We also illustrate these techniques with real-world data and examples.

Contrary to my initial intuitive thoughts, querying the API and restricting output to the type “Person” does not provide the full Person Entity with all the associated attributes of that person, but rather just those items listed in the figure above. (It always helps to read documentation prior to playing with data; however, sometimes it is more fun to just start playing with the data. Google does state that if you want a richer, graph-based response, you can move over to Wikidata and obtain the information from that source instead.)

Layman's guide to steroids

layman's guide to steroids


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