Steroid abuse in sports statistics

Richard Pound , chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency and a partner in the Canadian law firm Stikeman Elliott, says: "The use of performance-enhancing drugs is not accidental; it is planned and deliberate with the sole objective of getting an unfair advantage. I don't want my kids, or your kids, or anybody's kids to have to turn themselves into chemical stockpiles just because there are cheaters out there who don't care what they promised when they started to participate. I don't want my kids in the hands of a coach who would encourage, condone or allow the use of drugs among his or her athletes."

There is no definitive way to know how your body will react, but synthetic hormones will have an impact on your health. Beyond physical effects, athletes exposed of steroid use face humiliation, may be kicked off the team, and forego an otherwise promising career. As research and science continues to grow and improve, detecting enhancers in blood and urine tests is becoming easier and easier. Despite rules and regulations, some athletes continue to illegally use steroids. For some, the increase in muscle build and endurance is worth the risk of experiencing these devastating effects. The feeling of euphoria is addicting and many battle steroid use and addiction. It is important to note that steroid use can be stopped and when doing so, some of the effects that accompany steroids may recede quickly; however, serious long term use may result in a decreased ability to respond to physical stress and exertion – this side effect alone can ultimately end an athlete’s career.

Steroid abuse in sports statistics

steroid abuse in sports statistics


steroid abuse in sports statisticssteroid abuse in sports statisticssteroid abuse in sports statisticssteroid abuse in sports statisticssteroid abuse in sports statistics