Steroidobacter denitrificans

Zavarzinella formosa
Zavarzinia compransoris
Zeaxanthinibacter enoshimensis
Zhangella mobilis
Zhihengliuella halotolerans
Zhongshania antarctica
Zhouia amylolytica
Zimmermannella helvola
 Zobellella denitrificans
Zobellia galactanivorans
Zoogloea ramigera
Zooshikella ganghwensis
Zunongwangia profunda
Zymobacter palmae
Zymomonas mobilis
Zymophilus raffinosivorans

2015/03/03 - IslandViewer 3 has officially been released and is available here. IslandViewer 3 includes a new interactive genome visualization tool, IslandPlot, and expanded virulence factor, antimicrobial resistance gene, and pathogen-associated gene annotations, as well as homologs of these genes in closely related genomes. Notably, incomplete genomes are accepted as input in IslandViewer 3, though we strongly urge users to use complete genomes whenever possible. The old IslandViewer website will still be available for users to download results for any previously analyzed custom genomes, but will eventually be replaced by IslandViewer 3. If you have any questions, comments, or issues with IslandViewer 3, please contact us.

The two prokaryotic domains (or empires), " Bacteria " (or " Eubacteria ") and " Archaea " (or " Archaeobacteria "), are subdivided into 35 phyla (or divisions): 30 phyla in the domain " Bacteria ", and 5 phyla in the domain " Archaea ".
This file provides, alphabetically, the list of phyla included in the domains " Bacteria " and " Archaea ". The classes, subclasses, orders, suborders, families and genera included in the phyla are also cited.
Taxa above the rank of class are not covered by the Rules of the Bacteriological Code (1990 Revision). Such names cannot be validly published and they are cited below in quotes.
Total number of names cited in this file: 2 domains, 35 phyla, 80 classes, 1 subclasses, 178 orders, 20 suborders, 402 families and 2552 genera.

Steroidobacter denitrificans

steroidobacter denitrificans


steroidobacter denitrificanssteroidobacter denitrificanssteroidobacter denitrificanssteroidobacter denitrificans