Transformix steroids

What I can’t understand is the journos asking various people about using Peptides etc. They are already using Peptids aren’t they? Peptides are legal. Only a certain few are against the code. It annoys me that Journos are just blanketing the “peptide” word everywhere and perpetuating a snowball of mis-understanding about the chemistry and what is legal now and what isn’t. When they shove a microphone in someones face, it would be nice to have someone with a bit of knowledge asking the questions as well.

Of all the SERM’s on the market, and there are quite a few, Tamoxifen Citrate is perhaps the most valuable and beneficial. For the breast cancer patient it can almost be labeled as an imperative medication; in fact, in many cases we can call it life saving or at least a major part of an overall life saving plan. For the steroid user, it’s really not the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to on cycle use, but it can serve a p urpose for some. It is during PCT that the steroid user will find this product highly valuable. In fact, if the Nolvadex and Clomid combo cannot be used and you could only pick one SERM for your PCT recovery, undoubtedly Tamoxifen Citrate would be the way to go.

Transformix steroids

transformix steroids


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