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Odum has a tough job here. He came in with no head coaching experience, and the Mizzou defense digressed when he came in as the coordinator under Pinkel. If you add all of the hubbub and mess from a few years ago when that liar said someone had yelled racial slurs at him…he also texted to all black students to stay inside because the KKK was on campus. In their own knee-jerk liberal booger eating moron way, Jay Nixon’s buddies, the worst board of curators ever assembled, over-reacted and fired the top administrators at the university. The ensuing protests included many of the football players who bought full in to the false narrative that the liar created in the first place. Mizzou is not exactly the dream job of any of the top coaches around because of the perceived continuing instability at Missouri U. That said, it isn’t like Odum inherited a program that was coming back off the “death sentence”. He just can’t coach defense at this level, and that is a real problem.

Fifth-year transfer David Onuorah, who missed the Providence game with a hip injury, has been practicing close to full bore. Ollie said he is not sure if Onuorah will play Monday. … Kwintin Williams only played two minutes against Providence but should see a little more action Monday. Ollie wasn’t comfortable using him against Providence’s zone. … Merrimack won 19 games and reached the NCAA Division II Tournament last season. … There’s no story behind Adams’ switch from No. 2 to No. 4 this season; he had asked for as a freshman, but Sterling Gibbs had it. Adams stayed with last season, but decided to take the number he originally wanted as it was available this season.

Four years later, he’s the team’s most explosive running back, kick returner, and, maybe, receiver. Newsome boasts burners, a wonderful array of quick-cuts and jump-stops, and some of the softest hands you’ll see on a running back. He ranks fifth on UConn’s (admittedly brief) list of all-time rushing yards leaders and, according to the New Haven Register , is now 17 receptions shy of having 100 for his career, which would a first among Huskies backs. With Hopkins apparently ready to take his shot at handling at least half the carries moving forward, I’d expect Lashlee to start working Newsome into the passing game—he’s got the mitts and the route-running abilities to create mismatches on whichever poor linebacker gets placed on him, and once he gets into open space, he becomes one of the best reasons to watch AAC football. Ethically, I can’t ask you to watch UConn football—it’s something of the college football writer’s hippocratic oath—but if, for whatever reason, your TV gets stuck and you’re chained to your couch, keep an eye out for No. 22.

Uconn players using steroids

uconn players using steroids


uconn players using steroidsuconn players using steroidsuconn players using steroidsuconn players using steroidsuconn players using steroids